Android Auto is a game changer in the car. Regardless of whether you have a dedicated Auto head unit, your car came Auto-ready, or you’re just using your phone in Auto mode, it’s a killer piece of software. But it can also be frustrating when things don’t work like they should. Here are some suggestions on what you can do if Auto isn’t working.

Android Auto汽車中的遊戲規則改變者。 無論您是否有專用的自動主機,汽車是否已準備就緒,還是隻是在自動模式下使用手機,它都是殺手級軟件。 但是,當事情無法正常運行時,這也會令人沮喪。 以下是一些有關無法使用「自動」功能時的建議。

第一步:檢查電纜和藍牙連接 (Step One: Check the Cable and Bluetooth Connections)

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re using a dedicated Auto head unit, the cable is the first place to start. If Auto simply isn’t loading for you, try swapping out the cable for a different one. There’s a good chance the one you’re using has been damaged, which can cause all sorts of weird issues.

這看起來似乎很容易,但是如果您使用專用的自動頭單元,則電纜是最先使用的電纜。 如果您根本無法使用「自動」功能,請嘗試將電纜換成另一根電纜。 您正在使用的計算機很可能已損壞,這可能會導致各種奇怪的問題。

Along those same lines, make sure your phone is paired and connected to your car’s head unit. While Auto does most things over USB—play music, Maps voice commands, etc.—it does rely on Bluetooth for voice calls. You’ll know if you have an issue here pretty quickly—just tap the phone button in Auto’s menu. If it tells you to connect your phone to make calls, then Bluetooth is disconnected. You’ll likely need to unplug the phone from USB and return to your head unit’s settings menu to re-pair the device. For exact pairing instructions, consult your car or head unit’s instruction manual.

同樣,確保您的手機已配對並連接到汽車的主機。 儘管「自動」通過USB可以執行大多數操作(播放音樂,地圖語音命令等),但它確實依靠藍牙進行語音通話。 您會很快知道這裏是否有問題-只需點擊「自動」菜單中的「電話」按鈕即可。 如果它告訴您連接手機進行通話,則表明藍牙已斷開連接。 您可能需要從USB拔下電話,然後返回主機的設置菜單,以重新配對設備。 有關確切的配對說明,請查閱您的汽車或主機的說明手冊。

第二步:檢查應用程序的權限和通知訪問 (Step Two: Check the App’s Permissions and Notification Access)

From this point forward, the rest of our suggestions will apply to both the native phone Auto interface and the head unit. So if you’re having issues on either interface, try these.

從現在開始,我們的其餘建議將同時應用於本地電話的「自動」界面和主機。 因此,如果您在任一接口上均遇到問題,請嘗試這些。

App permissions can cause all sorts of weird issues if they’re not enabled, or have somehow become disabled. So if you’re having issues with phone calls, notifications, voice controls, or any mix of the bunch, this is where I’d start.

如果未啓用或以某種方式禁用了應用程序權限,則可能導致各種奇怪的問題。 因此,如果您在電話,通知,語音控制或任何其他方面遇到問題,這就是我要開始的地方。

NOTE: the following steps were done on stock Android, so they may be slightly different depending on your handset’s manufacturer.


To check permissions, jump into Android’s settings menu. Pull down the notification shade and tap the gear icon.

要檢查權限,請跳至Android的設置菜單。 下拉通知欄,然後點擊齒輪圖標。

From there, scroll down to 「Apps.」 It may be called 「Applications」 depending on your phone.

從那裏向下滾動到「應用程序」。 根據您的手機,它可能被稱爲「應用程序」。

Tap 「Android Auto,」 then 「Permissions.」

點按「 Android自動」,然後點按「權限」。

From here, just make sure everything is enabled. Enable anything that’s not already on to ensure the smoothest experience.

從這裏開始,只需確保已啓用所有功能。 啓用所有尚未啓用的功能,以確保獲得最流暢的體驗。

If you’re having an issue with notifications not coming through, you’ll also want to make sure Notification Access is enabled.


Back in the Apps menu (Settings > Apps) tap on the gear icon in the upper right.


Scroll down to the very bottom and tap on 「Special Access.」


From there, tap on Notification Access.


Make sure Android Auto is enabled here.

確保此處啓用了Android Auto。

第三步:清除所有應用數據並重新開始 (Step Three: Clear All App Data and Start Over)

If you’re still having issues after making sure all the necessary boxes are ticked, it may be time to basically 「refresh」 the app.


Again, we’re going jump into the Apps menu. So head back into Settings and tap 「Apps,」 then find Android Auto.

同樣,我們將跳到「應用程序」菜單。 因此,回到「設置」並點擊「應用」,然後找到Android Auto。

Tap on 「Storage.」


Tap on 「Clear Data.」 This will essentially erase all of your custom settings, so you’ll have to start over the next time you use the app.

點擊「清除數據」。 這實際上會清除所有自定義設置,因此您必須在下次使用該應用時重新開始。

A warning will pop up letting you know this will remove all personal settings. Click 「OK.」

將會彈出警告,通知您這將刪除所有個人設置。 點擊「確定」。

Just like that, everything will be gone and you’re free to start over.


第四步:卸載並重新安裝 (Step Four: Uninstall and Reinstall)

If all else fails, you may have to resort to starting over from scratch completely. This is basically your last resort.

如果所有其他方法都失敗了,則您可能不得不完全從頭開始。 這基本上是您的不得已的方法。

Jump into the Apps menu by heading into Settings > Apps. Find Android Auto.

前往設置>應用,跳到應用菜單。 查找Android Auto。

Tap on it, then tap on 「Uninstall.」


A popup will ask if you’re sure. Tap 「OK.」

彈出窗口將詢問您是否確定。 點擊「確定」。

After a few seconds, the app will be gone.


Just to be on the safe side, restart your phone.


Once it’s back up and running, head over to the Google Play Store and re-install Android Auto.

備份並運行後,轉到Google Play商店並重新安裝Android Auto

Since you’re starting over from scratch, you’ll have to do the entire setup process again. But hopefully it’ll be worth it and everything will work as it should moving forward.

由於您是從頭開始,因此必須再次執行整個設置過程。 但是希望這是值得的,並且一切都會正常進行。

翻譯自: https://www.howtogeek.com/312194/how-to-troubleshoot-android-auto-problems/